Gill Wykes

"The process is always a pleasure. Gill has a knack for keeping things calm even as deadlines approach. Others would crumble but she somehow always manages to steer a clear and steady path. And the results speak for themselves."

Akeva Avery

Freelance Programme-Maker



My video clients include: BAA plc; BP; Bradford & Bingley; British Airways; British Ski Academy; Coca Cola; Compaq; Ford; HSBC; Harley-Davidson; Irish Permanent; Land Rover; Lloyds TSB; Network Rail; NHS; Prudential; Qantas; RNLI;Rover; Rolls-Royce; Royal Mail; Sara Lee; Severn Trent; Stansted Airport; Thomson & United Distillers.




People I've made websites for inclucde: Access New Business; Akeva; Alcohol; Alice Lickens; Care First GB; Las Palmeras; Thrive Talking; Tom Grubb Magic & Your Building Solutions.