Gill Wykes

To say that Gill gives 100% would be an understatement

Her enthusiasm is contagious and everyone who works with her - clients, colleagues and suppliers - can’t help but get caught-up in her approach to everything she does.


Mark Bergin

Royal Mail


After running the British Airways Film Unit, I was a freelance Producer for 20 years, with clients that include BP, Coca Cola, HSBC, Network Rail and Royal Mail.  When my health stopped me from working the constant 12-14 hour days the industry demands, I came up with a new concept: 'Virtual P.M.'


As a producer, I often needed an extra pair of hands for maybe a couple of hours a day.  But since Producers and Production Managers rarely charge less than a full daily rate, this gets incredibly expensive. So I came up with a different approach.  


As a ‘Virtual' P.M. or Producer I can research library material, book crews, build schedules, arrange accommodation, put together a call sheet ... or anything else you need.  The difference is that I charge by the hour. 


I use your own templates, or mine if you prefer.  I work mainly from home, but of course with modern email and phone technology your client can easily feel I’m a full member of your team.